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KZ Ranch, Bailey, Colorado [photo credit: mayryanna, May 2022]

purple lavender by the lake

Beltane: Pagan Fire Festival
of Fertility and Renewal


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In Print:

Mushroom Lovers Delight

Kira Wilson is an artist with an eye for detail and a playful approach to interpreting the world around her.
She is offering some of her latest work as a collection of prints called “Wild Mushrooms.”
mayryanna is honored to have contributed two poems that have been included in this fantastic fungi booklet as well!


mayryanna’s debut poetry collection I|Poetry explores the poetic elements of her spirituality and development.
Its vulnerable and alternative insights make it a great accompaniment to the long, hazy days of summer…

More to come…

mayryanna is hard at work developing the foundation of O.M2.3 and creating new resources for other alternatives, creatives and teachers. Please subscribe to receive all forthcoming updates.

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