moody music midnight

Sluggish but steady, the beat is lazy and heavy

Makes my blood sway and my lips roll into my teeth

I’m cold but not really, simply alone in a large space

Not sure what the lyrics say, bit it doesn’t matter

It’s more about the sounds and the way this feels –


Wrap myself in a blanket to brace against the empty

Feel the expansive gaping of my own voided natures

Grab another blanket but keep on shivering, shaking

Almost remember something I didn’t know I forgot

Clench my teeth against the phantom chills inside –


It’s okay to be scared little one, it’s okay to be scared

I rock myself, like a sleeping infant – hold myself

Motion becoming a dance of my liberating madness

Feeling energy crawl up my spine – throughout me

The swirling abandon of synergy’s bold redesign –


Gently into the night, yet all the more for my raging

I’m tracing the outlines of pleasure with my mind

Rides more wicked than the amusment of hearts

Plunging into the depths of humanity’s subversion

Trusting the in and out breaths to keep the time –


Making plans to play, keep healing and let decay

Winding in and out of form, flow and function

Until my mind begins to drone again, like the heater

And I start to notice a tight tingling in my eyelids

Wondering how long ago the music stopped playing –


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