the merits of slowness

A bright indisposition
I like to take my time
I’m not in any kind of hurry
Losing myself right now
Tell me what you’ve done

I’ll tell you what I haven’t

Can’t pretend I mind this
Sure beats sitting in traffic
My inner clock is broken

My kind of on time is late

What’s the point of busy?
What stress is worth it?
I like to lounge about

Play through my days

People think I’m simple
but that’s just fine with me
See everyone scurrying

Like a hive of honey bees

You won’t find me there
I’m up out of that chaos
I’m celebrating sloth

I’m vindicating languor

Not searching this moment
for the next and the next one
I have all of life to wait for

It suits me quite pleasantly

Reading, writing and singing

for no one and everything

Bubble baths in midday
Baking muffins with grandma
Listening to avian melodies
Witnessing fractured miracles
Maybe inconsequential

but everlasting in beauty

Trying not to capture too much

so that I can learn flow freely

Releasing designs of ego

for comfortable enjoyment

Giving easily of space and time
Allowing for more noticing
Maybe I’m not important
Maybe that’s a great thing
Maybe less of what I don’t need
Maybe more of what I do
Call me a lazy fool for a wink

I’ll happily stay crazy for peace

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