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Making dinner for grandma…

Do you ever get lost in the texture and motion of mundane daily visuals…. I do. Like in the varied colors of spices on sauce or the rapid cycling bubbles of boiling noodles…

I can lose myself, again and again, in the simplest of things… Catching myself slowing down the edges of my perception, honing in on the dancing light reflected off the curve of a passing car or feeling my mind retracing tones of music I can barely hear… And it can be distracting, annoying and unproductive – but, it’s also enchanting when I let it just be what it is and me be who I am… Like right now.

2 thoughts on “Making dinner for grandma…”

    1. Someday I will have the joy of cooking for you and feeding you, which will make me supremely happy 😁 And then we shall be together and share our presences again ❤ Miss you and love you so much dear!


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