in my dreams

Original song written by Mayryanna, November 29, 2017:

I had a dream last night

You were here by my side
You held me close and warm
Looked deep into my eyes
You told me you’d rather die
Than ever leave my ecstacy
Oh I laughed as I listened
I dove straight into your bliss –


But, when I awoke today
startled by morning’s harsh light
You weren’t here with me
Hadn’t been, it was just a dream
So I’m trudging through the day
Struggling to stay awake
Oh I long to be sleeping
I’m missing your sweet embrace
I’ll dream of you tonight
Once again you’ll be by my side
I’ll hold you close and warm
I’ll look deep into your eyes
I’ll tell you I’d rather die

then wake up without you again


Oh if can’t hold you in my arms

I’ll forever hold you in my dreams


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