Feels so loved when she is lonely

Watching wistful in all her glory

Peering out upon foreign worlds

Holding hope in hands uncurled

Hears silence in bellowing screams
Finds beauty in deserted scenes
Her brash rebellion is her security
Unanswered questions: tranquility



She walks slow and deliberate
even when she’s dancing free
She sings in wispers of lover
even when she looks, silently
Gazing deep beyond the soul
she sees what isn’t yet known
Terrifyingly mesmerizing
Fall in as if you’re dying –



She puts on magick every day
Each night she strips off reality
Swear galaxies are in her eyes
Universes colliding in her mind
She is not escaping anything
She is gluttony for all thriving
Strip her down, bare her bones
Still she will bloom from her soul



She talks slow and deliberate
even when she’s laughing free
She sways breezes of summer
even when she chills, wintery
Blaring blatent into the heart
She feels already what isn’t yet
Mesmerizingly terrifying
Rise up as if you’re aliving –



She is the sun
She is the wind
She is the stars
She is the land
She moves our blood
She moves our breath
She nourishes fully
She makes dependent –
Mother, lover, sister, friend
Is this beginning? Is this end?
Lost to the waves movement
Matter meet abyss, and then?
She is nothing
She is the all
She is promise
She is the fall
She beckons life
She beckons death
She destroys entirely
She builds up again –


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