the best of me

I have found myself
right here
In places lost

In lands foreign

In times past


In stranger’s eyes


Looking through the left
into soul
Into frightened smiles

Into hopeful winces

Into greatful chuckles
Into generous frowns


Half a world away
from familiar
In spite of difference

In contrary language

In difficult navigation

In blessed confusion


I have learned to let
everything go
In moments I’m scared
In times I feel lost

In terrifying appearances

In lackluster thoughts


I’m not the same
but I’m more of myself


I’m not playing games
but I’m having all the fun now


I’m not exactly suprised
but I can’t say I expected any of this


Getting good at not expecting
Getting good at letting things become
Getting good at witnessing becoming
Getting good at witnessing “me”


I’ve found I like myself
This woman I choose to be


I’ve found kindness repays itself
That in giving I return free


I’ve found that life is the Self
The other only a mirror to see


I have learned to love
my monsters
In their ugliness
In their painful glances
In their testing tales


In their awakening screams


Half a world closer
to truth
In glorious difference

In multiple languages

In dynamic navigation


In the bliss of confusion


Looking past the right
into real
The imperfect dreams
The worn out seams

The colorful nightmares

The dull realities


I have found my purpose
is everywhere
In investigation

In discovery

In conversation


In sharing the best of me

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