Some Valentine’s Day heat for ya

This poem/song is one I wrote last summer and it’s one of my favorites to perform as a jazzy spoken word that always ends up getting sung

smells like sex

There’s a quiet buzzing

between my thighs
a subdued arousal
easy secrets to hide


I might be shifting
a little back and forth


maybe a little ditzy
distracted, unsure


Careful to assume truth
is what you wish for


your eyes stumble first
my body their delicate fall


the air is thick and sticky
your skin near mine is hot


I lose my own breathing
matching pace with yours


Kisses tender, then harder
sweet and spicy seduction
I wisper: “take me baby”
loosing myself in your rhythm


Not once, not twice, no –
always – I want you
straddling your universe
I become your sky


it smells like sex in paradise
we’re going to heaven tonight


sweet, sweet, creamy and sweet
salty and sweaty, quite the tasty treat


drive into me baby – I’m your sceenic hwy
dive into me baby – I’ll be your milky way
It smells like sex in heaven tonight –
it smells like sex in heaven tonight –

Author: mayryanna

Student of health, sustainability & discovery; promoter of creativity, inspiration & generosity.

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