Painting with My Best Gal Pals

I am supremely blessed when it come to friends. Many inspiring and encouraging souls around the world, far and wide, as well as just down the road.

Today I was with two of my closest friends, both figuratively and literally. These are women I’ve known since we were girls. These are women who’ve grown by my side and know more about me than I do sometimes.

We’re all artists too, of varies mediums and styles. They have each both encouraged and accepted me so much, it’s easy to just relax and have a great time today. I ended up painting several small pieces.

Textures 123 Series

1. between all lines
2. grow sublime
3. spread sunshine lace
Textures 123 Series

Alien Landscape

Aaand of course, my friends were painting gorgeous sunset landscapes so I made this mind-bender:

Alien Landscape

I dressed cute because I’m an adult so, I can

Blue light filter glasses = cute + functional
They don’t quite cover my weird though –
And yes, BATS!!

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