Good kind of tired…

A lot has happened the last couple days. My sister had a birthday party and I was out of town celebrating both last night and this morning. Seeing several friends along the way.

I got home this afternoon and my other sister came by to visit. I’m just now settling in and, wow… I’m tired.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to enjoy, appreciate, learn from and grow with so many wonderful, inspiring and passionate beings. I had several stimulating conversations and am processing a lot…

The excitement of coming lifestyle changes and adventure plans to be enacted; challenging my perspective and experience biases with regard to mindfulness in conversations about race and nationality; confronting the lasting, taxing affects of trauma in order to reclaim the joy and blessing of giving our best for a possibility of a better future…

Lots of hugs. So much love and joy. Many smiles. Some tears. Laughter. Gratitude: alive…

So alas ~ I am damn good tired. Goodnight world 🙏

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