Apotheosis Poetry Series: After Apotheosis

Flying high
above the rest
Felling free

knowing, blessed


Didn’t expect
never imagined
Released ties

healing happened




When I arrived at Apotheosis
I found myself there, but
also, here. It was a then, yes –

but it will always be now


Presents of presence
abundance shared
Souls that make you feel

old and young: smeared


The names came easier
the plans, dreams, talks
All of it was so seamless

No secrets, bolts or locks


Tribe has never resonated
to this degree of harmony
And so I never hesitated
dove deep into the cups
Powders and potions
intentions and prayers
Songs sung to canopies
birds singing their layers
Could life really be this –
beauty, joy, hope and peace
I’m attracting more bliss
creating lucky thankfulness
“Everyone is so lovely”
swooning for strangers
“Perhaps you’re lovely”

getting back what I give


Ready? Yes! To leave? No.
I’ll be back, I wisper –
To sweat, cry and vomit

to purge all my fear


Or maybe, it’ll be strange
a different journey then
For pleasure as purpose

I really don’t need a plan –

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