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Coming home, just to leave again

The hot springs were as expected: absolutely wonderful. We soaked away our tensions and cares for hours yesterday before eating a scrumptious dinner – only to return to the springs for more soaking and relaxing before officially retiring for the night.

Today started lazily. Without a tinge of hurry, we eventually made it to lunch before our spa appointments at the Yampa Vapor Caves. We would spend the rest of our day there, sweating and cooling ourselves in turn.

It was a brilliant couple of days, free from monotonous tethers and baited expectations – even our normally incessant smartphone leashes were ignored… I didn’t bother with statuses or photos at all – letting my experiences be experienced, fully and without distracting justifications.

I’m thankful… For great friends and a good man who’s company I can enjoy thoroughly… For mountainous canyons and winding rivers… For audio books and taking time out from life to do a bit of living…

Now… To finish packing for my next adventure: campervaning the Pacific Northwest, to begin with a drive to the airport at 3am tomorrow…

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