A Day at the Korean Spa

I LOVE spas. I’ve been to spas at casinos, spas at hot springs and day spas, but until today I’d never had the delight of experiencing a Korean Spa. It was glorious.

Heated rooms of a variety of temperatures and styles; pink Himalayan salt, jade and mud, sand, charcoal and more… Hydrotherapy tubs of varying temps too, including the cold plunge… And the scrub, oh my goodness – THE SCRUB.

I have new, baby skin. My sinuses are clearing, my headache has faded and we all smell like women again. Great mid-trip pick up… I is happy Mayryanna!

No photos though – not allowed to even have our phones out at the spa because clothing is a no go too… All women at this one, which was refreshing in and of itself too.

Now, some vegan ice cream before we head to Olympia!

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