Tonglen in the Riviera

Warm, salty sea-air
Rushing over me
Coasting down hills
Legs tired from climbing


A cool October day
In the warm South of France
From Nice to Ville Franche
Now we are riding back


Not a care or worry
Frozen smile on my face
Breathing in this bliss
I breathe it out for every time and place


Shallow at first
I sip in a little bit more
Holding it, growing
Deep within my core


Expansion I gleen
Breath becomes easy
Gifting to myself
The joys I give freely


Just a slight resistance
Soon to wane and fade
The malaise of existence
Slowly slipping away


In and more, holding again
Simple yes, and divine
The pranja swirls as friend
Kundalini spiraling up my spine


Speeding up to slow
Rounding corners
Before letting go
Winding further down


Mediterranean beauty
Fragrance of honey and milk
Delicacies known fully
I cannot keep this to myself –

Ville Franche | October 2018

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