Tread Carefully

tread carefully along a path
that sticks you with its thorns
injecting poison deep into you
tearing you apart from inside


if you are called to wage war
do not waste time tormenting
playing little games with yourself
falling in love with believable lies


break free trom the temptations
turn away from your jealousy
asking why you are feeling this
instead of merely owning all of it


refuse to play the part of worrying
warrior – always looking to defend
creating the battles in your head
always losing on one side –


just listening instead, to your gut
heart and head, informed by soul
churning and burning deep within
glowing pure with immortal knowing
uncomfortable and demanding
understandably you resist a bit
letting the truth sink in past ego
watching your illusions dissolve


release the tensions on your heart
breathe deeper to fill and share
let go of expectations once again
tread carefully so as not to snare

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