“Is 6:45 early enough?” I wonder, quickly calculating that my Sadhana just took about an hour and 15 minutes.

“I could push it up, maybe to 6:15?” I think, glancing at my phone to see that it’s now 10:55pm. “Closer to eight hours if I leave it…” I briefly consider if I’ll go to yoga class in the morning before remembering that I’m waiting to see if we get as much spring snow as they say…

“I could still make it regardless,” I finally admit to myself and decide to leave the alarm set for a quarter to seven.

“Since when is getting up before seven not early enough for me?” I laugh, suddenly realising how absurd this sutuation would have been to me at every other stage of my life. I had never been an early riser, especially not voluntarily.

Smiling, I think about how easy it was getting up at 5:15 earlier this week to work out with my best friend. I feel satisfied in a deep and thorough way… “I’ve worked hard for this.”

I am tired. Been tired all day. Not feeling the best. I haven’t done much at all today but I’m going to bed early…

So, this is my post today. No video. Nothing clever or inspired to say – just goodnight.

I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you ❤

Okay fine, so maybe at least some ho’oponopono…

Oh what a difference a year makes! When I first came across this passage, I cried… This Mayryanna had no idea just how powerful she had already become, or just how right she was about the co-creation of destiny – but she was soon to find out.

I feel kinda crazy. Waaay run down and yet simultaneously restless… I think it’s the no caffeine/sugar to stimulate me and probably also some detoxing (my head feels like a bum balloon that only inflates one of it’s halves, the other half remaining oddly floppy while tension continues to expand its somehow conjoined but separate counterpart)…

So, I’m pausing. I still have lots to do today, but – I can get away with 5 minutes in bed, cute kitties by my side… So instead of pushing through these feelings, I’m just feeling them. Letting the weight of my tiredness and the recent changes in my lifestyle cascade over me, without judgement.

Observing. Being. Allowing.

And then, back to my tasks… Probably no less tired – but perhaps a bit more content and appreciative of myself for taking some of my time for myself.