Getting Good News

Today I heard from a mentor of mine. He was checking in to see if I’d be attending the next Apotheosis retreat in Costa Rica this June. I have been hoping against hope to get there, but hadn’t seen a way to do so… Yet.

Recently, during a meditation, Pachamama told me something that made me believe I would be back in the jungle this summer. Her healing presence surrounding me, she whispered: “you will not go as you are. You will go as you be. Come.” So, on faith I set my sights of discovering my beingness – trying to strip away all that I am or “are” to get back to my simple yet whole essence of existence. I must have been on the right track…

And/or my mentors/friends at High Existence are really and truly AMAZING individuals who continue to find ways to elevate me, even from afar and especially when I need them most. Blessings to my incredible global tribe!