I feel kinda crazy. Waaay run down and yet simultaneously restless… I think it’s the no caffeine/sugar to stimulate me and probably also some detoxing (my head feels like a bum balloon that only inflates one of it’s halves, the other half remaining oddly floppy while tension continues to expand its somehow conjoined but separate counterpart)…

So, I’m pausing. I still have lots to do today, but – I can get away with 5 minutes in bed, cute kitties by my side… So instead of pushing through these feelings, I’m just feeling them. Letting the weight of my tiredness and the recent changes in my lifestyle cascade over me, without judgement.

Observing. Being. Allowing.

And then, back to my tasks… Probably no less tired – but perhaps a bit more content and appreciative of myself for taking some of my time for myself.