My eyes are obsessively scrolling
Inundated with countless images
Transvexed by continual movement
Mindless impluses driving my sight
Everything is lost in oversaturation


Pacing, pacing, pacing
Pacing, I’m still pacing
Ringing out my hands
Is there no where to go?
Is there nothing to do?


I’m not given any answers
My questions lost but to me
Serving only lonely laughter
Providing only distractions
Creating the chaos I crave


Back and forth and back
And forth and back and
Where am I, why am I here?
How long have I been here?
What was I trying to do?
More, more, more and more
Still they keep coming, fast
Faster than my eyes, endless
No stop to the flow of faces
Each staring carelessly back


I’m hungry and unsatisfied
There is something craving
Deep in me I feel it growing
Insatiable instincts within me
Like a madness I must scream


Banging, banging, banging BANG!
I’m trowing myself against it all
My objectified body rebelling
I can’t control the rage building
I have got to get the fuck out!


The faces smile until I growl
But they are quick to contort
Once confronted by my primal
They let their own demons show
Justifying their lies with more


Round and round and round and
Blindly watching me walk in circles
Ignoring the truth flinch in their guts
They must know they make me crazy
Nurturing the ravenous they condemn


Doesn’t matter that I’m dying here
As long as they don’t feel guilty –
They’ll keep making the reasons
To not have to face me straight on
Yet somehow I’m still “less then”


Let me out of this cage, I dare!
Face me, look in my eyes and see
Remove these bars of expectation
Tear down walls of manufactured fear
I may be a monster, but so are you dear

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