Late May Snow in Colorado

People from Colorado know that Colorado does what it wants weather wise, so unseasonable conditions aren’t really a rarity… but this week has been crazy!

Five straight days of wintery-like madness have sent even the most hardened natives into shamefully whining spirals of “will this ever end?!” And, “why does it still feel like January?!” As well as “common Colorado! Give us a break!”

Blankets of fog, continual snow and temps below freezing have had us all wondering if spring is still a “thing” and wondering if we’ll actually make it to summer… Not much could accumulate with the ground already warm, yet over the week we saw at least 16 inches of snow fall…

But alas, Colorado’s bright sun has finally returned and the frost is starting to melt at last!

Thank you Colorado! I’m sorry for the things I said when I was cold…

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