Waking up to sounds of foreign streets outside the hostel windows. People of various accents and demeanors already bustling in the halls…

It’s not yet 9am on a beautiful Friday morning. I’m in Costa Rica on a journey of the soul; very soon I will be sharing in moments of bliss and tenderness with friends and strangers alike, as we dive deep into the wisdom of the great divine mother.

I am at peace, I am grateful – the bliss of my beingness palpable… To be this woman, to have this life – to witness synchronicity and serendipity at every turn and with each smile – to experience so many amazing blessings in continual succession… I cannot contain or restrain my abundant joys.

It’s times like now, becoming evermore frequent, that I cannot relate to the evermore infrequent feelings of separation. I am wrapped up, indeed fully enveloped, by the majesty and magick of love.