I’m all woman now
my full breasts blush
aroused by thoughts
It doesn’t take much
my imagination wild
inspired by sensation
Now, now, now but
distractions come
pulled in and out
over and under
up and down
through and around
A romantic masochist
I make art of torment
endlessly teasing myself
turning on to shut down
getting high to dive deep
blowing up to collapse in
It’s quite the treasure trove
no need for a partner’s desire
too easily seduced by my life
I’m lost in my own abyss
bleeding edges together
dissolving whats and ifs
where and whens
hows and whys
even whos
No longer me, but not you
the space in between time
converging juxtapositions
light’s shadow
dawn’s night
death’s life
Maybe I can let go even more
soaking in being soaked in
beginning a crazy love affair
counting my freckles
gazing into my soul
celebrating my being
Simple if it were only sex
but my pleasure is fuller
gushing, luminous splendor
in spider webs
in pine cones
in poetry
Everywhere, life orgasming
absurd in its extravagance
not waiting for attention
lady bugs in daisies
ocean against sand
children dancing
I’m all girl again
rewilding innocence
fearless and playful
riding adventure’s coattails
missing for nothing
embracing – embracing
I can be both and all
I am everything
young and old

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