This poem was originally written as an assignment for one of my poetry classes in college, but I have always loved it as more than just something I “had to do…”

Poetry Journal: Contemplations Two

I am the compere, look at me Рignore the movement of the periphery 

Dressed in red, but sequined to be color-unidentifiable

It’s all about the distraction of the eye- if you don’t look, you won’t see

The shadowed movement serving, all feeding back into the show

Give me lights, give me camera, give me action; any more perspective you could throw

It is my art and my burden, my lie and my curtin – it is the only life I know

So I smile bright, and big and white – I dive into their emotion

The ooohs and aaahs, their sighs and laughs – their response my motivation

I feel their attention enter in through my pores – the cycle of energy ever returning

Their addiction a mere distraction, as my reason is facade

Yet we feel for each other a love for which Right itself has no claim

It’s that dangerous delusion, the tingle between your legs – it’s the daring leap for freedom as the train careens for the track’s sudden end

Like breathing, it’s like feeling, it’s like a child taking it all in…

And with each temporary beauty – the eternal is felt anew once again

So with the eyes like penetration, they watch my each and every move – their focus, my undulation; their quiver to drive me forward

Now give me your applause! Let the lightning and the shock, let the melting, let the hum…