Originally written Feburary 15th, 2015. I was moving in with a friend, getting a divorce and feeling as though I had lost myself at the time. Yet, this poem feels as true now as ever – life isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t make it bad.

I couldn’t protect you

even from myself

I could never protect you

especially from myself

I’m not here to make life easy. 

I’m here to bring you pain – 

to make you feel, to make you bleed

to provide the gravity to which your pride leads

You don’t have to understand me. 

That’s not the point. You hate me –

because I’m beautiful and not ashamed

Call me crazy? Are you playing a silly game child? 

I am chaos unleashed, I am never ending testimony – 

I am the air that you breathe

I am that very heart of yours that keeps beating despite your attempts to maim it and your forgetfulness to care for its most tender devotion

Love yourself. 

Hate me if you have to, curse me – I dare you

send all the energy my way! 

I’m a transformative visionary creator

you’ll hate that you love 

what you see until you 

suddenly remember –


every known blessing be yours

that you might be forced to forge ahead into an even more fantastic future –



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