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Our Sun Came Late to the Milky Way’s Star-Birth Party
Our Sun Came Late to the Milky Way’s Star-Birth Party by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

Optimal MasteryTM envisions an alternative path for creatives and teachers, one that elevates them to their proper positioning within society as the leaders of thought and innovation. For too long, unique perspectives and stories have gone unexplored, whether for fear of being unable to give them a fair shot in the marketplace or worse, surrendering them for mutilation by the traditional media machines.

Together, we can co-create the networks and resources that will enable more authors, artists and teachers to get their work out into the world – without requiring them to sell their souls or go bankrupt. With the technology available today, we can and we will overthrow the current models of publishing, production and publicity. Let’s become better together and each contribute our peace!

“Creatives shouldn’t have to choose between being either a ‘starving artist’ or a ‘sellout.’”

~ mayryanna


mayryanna is a creatrix and metaphysician from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.