My name is mayryanna Shakti, and my journey of self-development began as a child.

Growing up with a narcissistic parent, I was convinced pretty early on that I was flawed and in need of lots of work. As a child, this looked like excelling at my school work, being respectful of adults and pleasing people as best I could.

As an adult, it’s become quite a different process.

Using my messy journey of personal growth as a tool for optimal mastery

I am much more concerned with identifying and nurturing my own authentic purpose now, something I wasn’t even taught to consider might be more than becoming a wife and mother when I was a child.

I want to help people overcome the challenges that I have or am learning to overcome.

I want to talk about the daily struggles of becoming one’s best self because there are A LOT of them and I don’t see many people being that vulnerable in our largely still plastic society.

I want to show people what it looks like to celebrate being better than perfect – what it looks like to be raw and real in this faux-obsessed world.

I want to be the person I needed in my life when I was a scared, self-loathing little kid.

Becoming stronger by facing my fears

Tattoo on my left arm

All that isn’t to say I’m not afraid.

Putting details of my daily life up on the internet for all to see isn’t exactly my idea of comfortable.

Not adjusting or polishing those details? Not adding filters? Not obsessing over angles, trends or stats? Not deflecting attention by talking about other people or topics? It’s utterly terrifying.

Which is why I’m doing it.

I can’t become more courageous by staying hidden.

Maintaining consistency and momentum with accountability and encouragement

What really helps is that I am not doing this alone.

I am so blessed to have two beautiful, talented and inspiring creative accountability partners who set out on this daily blogging journey with me back in January of 2019. Our processes and goals have each all changed over time but they have remained incredibly important people in my life.

You can find their sites at Made in Cosmos and Realm of Jupiter, and I highly recommend you check them out!

These incredible souls are a part of a much bigger tribe of world changers I met at an Apotheosis retreat this past fall of 2018, which is put on by the amazing individuals of High Existence (both of which I highly recommend for anyone also on a journey of personal development).

This wonderful band of loving, passionate and driven humans helps to inspire me every day – in initially doing this year-and-a-day blog I had the chance to spread some of that goodness around – and I don’t ever plan on stopping now!

Accepting every day, every challenge and every opportunity with gratitude

I am so thankful for this opportunity to share a bit of my journey with all of you and look forward to an amazing year of growth.

Thank YOU for taking the time to join me!

Cheers to 366 days (AND COUNTING) of blessings, discoveries and progressive optimal mastery.


mayryanna Shakti