We can never go back. Despite the remaining days of 2019, the second decade of the 21st century is over. That is how quickly the changes of 2020 are coming for us.

New Year, New Deck

The Shaman’s Oracle Deck; Reading for the Annular Solar Eclipse/New Moon December 2019

Father Time left behind a new Oracle Deck in my stocking this year, I’m excited to debut this new tool for today’s special reading.

Here is the Spread reference from it’s guidebook:

From The Shaman’s Oracle Deck

Also unique to this deck are the two cards at the bottom of the Spread, the Journeyer and the Companion:

The Jorneyer and The Companion – The Shaman’s Oracle Deck

According to the guidebook, these cards are pulled for every reading and represent the relationships Seeker and the Shamanic guide respectively.

The Cave of Ice: Tribe of Spirits

“In many images of prehistoric cave art we find the spirits represented – figures who are sometimes strange to our eyes, but always powerful and often deeply moving.”

The Shaman’s Oracle Deck
Spirit of Wisdom – The Shaman’s Oracle Deck

“I am the Spirit of Wisdom. I put you in touch with deeper levels of knowledge and transmute them into the gold of true understanding.”

The Shaman’s Oracle Deck

We have learned. It hasn’t been easy. It wasn’t always fun and we’re not even sure yet that all of it was worth it.

Mistakes we made. Promises we broke. People we hurt, sometimes even because of trying not to hurt anyone.

We have had to come to terms with our humanity and the shortcomings that includes. Like a mirror, reflecting back only the truth, the cosmos has been reminding us of our shit again and again lately.

Wisdom is the result of all that brutal, world-shattering honesty. Confronting the shadow, taking responsibility for our pain – it’s all been essential for our understanding. Now, we can go forth without our ignorance and justifications.

The Cave of Winds: Tribe of Shamans

“Here are the shamans of ancient times – the walkers between worlds who journeyed to the realm of Spirit.”

The Shaman’s Oracle Deck
Shaman of Foresight – The Shaman’s Oracle Deck

“I am the Shaman of Foresight… I can teach you to see beyond the moment, to live in such a way that whatever new task you undertake, you are always ready to adjust accordingly.”

The Shaman’s Oracle Deck

It is our experience and wisdom that gives us the confidence of Foresight. This is not an assurance that everything will go right, but an inner strength in knowing that even if everything goes wrong, we will find a way to endure.

Perseverance comes not from never having been tested, but in meeting resistance again and again without faltering. Foresight is an application of wisdom and means doing the hard things now so that the hard things of the future are easier.

Instead of betting against our future, saving the daunting tasks on our to do lists for tomorrow, or trying to heal our gangrenous traumas with “positive thinking” bandaids, we have to do the work that will get the results we want and need to see in our lives. Both for the benefit of ourselves, but for universal optimization as well.

The Cave of Hearthfires: Tribe of Dancers

“In spiritual terms, dancers dance for a reason – most often a powerful desire to enter more deeply into the heart of being.”

The Shaman’s Oracle Deck

“I am the Dancer of Joy. I dance for the very joy of being alive, for the wisdom and sense of fulfillment that are everywhere around me.”

The Shaman’s Oracle Deck

Wisdom isn’t just about Foresight and experience though, it also brings a depth of joy few get to experience in this life for fear of being swallowed by the enormity of their feelings. True love comes at the cost of grief, the hights of achievement are sustained only by equally plunging roots – all of life’s beauties would be diminished of not for the juxtaposition and contrast of nature’s imperfections.

It is Wisdom that enables true mindfulness. We cannot be fully present without coming into the humbling experience of our humanity and awe of existence’s expansiveness. It is in this place of enraptured elation that we find Divinity – as something not outside or separate from ourselves or any other – within, providing the grace and strength of life.

We have the choice to recieve each of our breaths as a gift, to hear our heart’s beating as our own unique love song from the cosmic order. We do not have to accept or appreciate the joy available to us, but true Wisdom makes it impossible to see the world as anything less than miraculous.

The Cave of Rivers: Tribe of Hunters

“A hunter setting forth would spend hours in contemplation of the creature he intended to hunt – making peace with its spirit or drawing its own strength into himself.”

The Shaman’s Oracle Deck

“I am the Hunter of Death. I seek the change that comes with new directions and new possibilities. I am not one who breaks or destroys but one who builds and restores.”

The Shaman’s Oracle Deck

Indeed, new beginnings are upon us. The future waits for no one and it is challenging us to bring our best.

The Spirit of Wisdom changes everything. Pain is no longer something to avoid or cause to sacrifice joy. We have awareness of our power again, and now, a renewal of responsibility.

We have the truth, we have learned, ached and grown for it – experiencing the full richness of this life’s peaks and valleys and coming into ourselves as capable, even if still trembling. We know what trappings of the past we need to leave behind, and we must be ruthless and exacting in our execution.

The Cave of Earth: Tribe of Ancestors

“The Ancestors hold the memory of every experience and insight that we, as human beings, have had.”

The Shaman’s Oracle Deck

“I am the Ancestor of Knowing. I am the embodiment of all knowledge, and will show you the way toward a proper understanding of everything around you.”

The Shaman’s Oracle Deck

Wisdom also gives us access to our genius – everything that we are that we are not responsible for. Seeing clearly brings recognition of the infinite ties and connections to others, and even further still to music, plants, animals, this planet and other heavenly bodies.

It is through this pure connection, through consideration and conceptualization, that true optimization can be achieved. It is our diversity of perspectives that help to construct the full spectrum of our holographic existence. We all need each other and the blessings of others are truly our own blessings as well.

As long as their is suffering in the world, it matters not how well the few or “best” of us are doing. If our species prospers at the expense of all others, it shall be considered no proud achievement, for we are capable of and blessed by far more.

Challenges are not our conditions, they are opportunities to grow beyond our perceived limitations. We are better together and it is together that we will change our impact for the better in this world.

A Powerful Message for the New Year

In 2020 we will be given the blessing of clear sight, and with it the responsibility of Wisdom. We will be radically challenged and drastically changed by a renewal of authentic appreciation and adoration for the blessing of life and the potential of our power. We will be all be called to rise up into the glory of grace and sovereignty.

Blessed Be Beloveds!

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