It was a blessed day.

First official day off in months… And I did it right.

Slept in, went to both a Kundalini and a Yin yoga class (my sister taught the Yin class and it was extra special because I haven’t been officially been taught by her before), had lunch and caught up with a good friend I hadn’t seen in months and finally ended my day cuddling my sexy beau ❤

More post yoga glow

There were a lot of confirmations of my quantum jump too… Visions of my past self dancing in fields of wheat, her hair cascading down and around her as opposed to in a tight, efficient top knot, with a flowing red-polka dot on white dress instead of her usual rough rags 🙏 It was incredible to witness such freedom and joy ❤ And also, watching TV and hearing actors and news anchors bring up quantum theory or their desire for accounts of more spiritual journeys 😍

My heart overflows with abundant, unrestricted bliss and gratitude ⭐

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