There’s another hole on my blog. This past weekend I was in Boulder again and well, you know how that goes… Space was held and I was all up in it, blissfully unaware and unconcerned.

Leap Day Brunch with friends

There will not be blog posts for Leap Day 2020 or for March 1st. Both days shall remain sacred, and their correspondence on my blog suitably sacrificed.

One of the blessed spaces I enjoyed this weekend

What transpired on Saturday was truly remarkable. The entire day felt cloaked in bliss and blessings as I marinated in the love, encouragement and peace of being with high vibe souls in high vibe places…

One of our nutritious and delicious community meals

Sunday began with an incredibly powerful and altogether unsuspected emotion/trauma purge as I was held safely in the loving presence of a beloved friend. I immediately felt 1000000000 pounds lighter.

View of Boulder from the Sunshine Mountain house

I am so grateful. So blissful. So heartfull…

Wishing this level of high vibe living for all of you too – Blessed Be my beloveds!

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