I’ve been slacking on the blog, or maybe distracted? There’s a lot going on: moving my sister in, training her on the miscellaneous tasks she’ll be taking over for me, getting used to a new schedule… I’ll have my first official, not even on-call, free-for-me-to-do-as-I-please day this Friday 🙏

I am excited.

I have two yoga classes and some much needed time with a friend I haven’t seen in months already planned ❤💜💚💙💛

After that and Saturday (another totally FREE day), I anticipate feeling a bit more grounded and centered… I’ll be able to take a real breath and move forward with some actual awareness rather than the chaos-fueled momentum I’ve been working with…

Yet, even amidst these crazy changes and feeling my attention wane from my projects, I am blissful 🌈 I have an intuitive knowing that something important has already shifted… And I can’t wait for it to all settle so I can survey the results properly!

Looking forward, I am anticipatory of this coming new moon and the corresponding shift of Uranus into my sun sign Taurus… I feel the heaviness of it, yet, there is a lightness too…

Much to plan for my ritual on Wednesday 🙏 I also plan to share it with all of you… So I suppose we’re all getting ready now aren’t we?

Here’s some more pictures of the snow for you to enjoy in the meantime:

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