App Review: My Affirmations

I am always looking for tools to help me foster my personal growth and spiritual connection. In this remarkable era, these include modern tech applications as well as more traditional books, courses and mentorships. With excitement for my own experiences and hope for mutual appreciation, I will be sharing reviews of my favorite tools – things that make life more optimal and mastery more seamless.

Working with Affirmations

Whether you’re involved in personal or spiritual development, you’ve likely heard many accolades for the use of affirmations. They’ve been touted since the early 20th century by psychologists, gurus and laymen alike. Seemingly combining the power of placebo, positive thinking, intentions and vision, these little statements have the ability to reframe perspectives, hold space for miracles and transform lives.

If you’re anything like me, you have attempted to use affirmations several times. You’ve put post-it notes on your mirrors, you’ve scribbled them out repeatedly in your notebooks, only to find yourself perplexed by the blindness of familiarity bias after a few days or weeks (eventually forgetting about them altogether until your picking up stray post-its that have long-lost their tack and your attention). Unfortunately, even the greatest tools will fail us if we fail to use them.

Making Affirmations Intuitive

Frustrated by my own indifference to physical cues, I began to look for other options in late 2021. Considering how much we have outsourced to our smart phones, I figured there must be an app that could make my affirmations more readily available and engaging. Sure enough, I soon found My Affirmations.

I am not affiliated in any way with this application or its developers, I have only used the free version and my opinions are completely unbiased. That said, I LOVE THIS APP. I use it almost daily, which is exactly what I was hoping would happen.

The interface is simple and the features are extremely customizable. It comes preloaded with several categories of affirmations that you can pick and choose from, or you can make your own. What really sets this tool apart though is how you can integrate your affirmations into a pleasant video.

Customizing the Affirmations Experience

There are beautiful landscape images already available on the app, but you can fully customize your affirmations with your own images as well. Similarly, background music options are also available. My favorite feature though is the ability to record myself speaking each affirmation for the playback.

Your video can be as long or as short as you like, depending on the number of affirmations you include, and you have the option of changing the interval timing too. When put all together, affirmations come to life on your smartphone screen and are readily available whenever you desire.

Additionally, you can set a notification reminder so you don’t forget to do your affirmations. There is an option for a sticky notification and a widget as well. Combined, these options put your affirmations front and center on your device, making an affirmation practice easy and enjoyable!

Lock Screen Notification
Sticky Notification
App Widget

It’s Affirmative

Overall, the My Affirmations app has exceeded my expectations. I can only imagine what the paid version has to offer given that all of my hopes and needs have already been surpassed with the basic options. Maybe someday I’ll check it out (and update this review), but for now I am thrilled to be able to share my positive experience with this incredible and accessible tool.

If you’ve been looking for a way to upgrade your own affirmations practice, I hope you check this app out. If you do, I’d love to hear what you think of it!

Let me know if you’ve found useful personal and spiritual development tools you would like me to review. I’m always excited to experiment with progress!

Find the App in the Google Play Store

May 16, 2022

mayryanna Shakti