Things gone, not long, but long enough to be her memories
Things yet, soon to come, seem distant in her hopes and dreams

There she finds herself, present, as she balances the depth of her experiences with the breadth of her visions –
There: amidst the tragedies of existence and the strife of resistance
There: where the everythings of her past become the nothings of her future
There, where she stands alone, unafraid and trembling –

Not a time, not a place
Not a menial mental state waiting to be replaced by the next one
Not an object to be had, held or hoarded

Active energy, her dancing reality, her constant; she bends it, rolls and tremors it
Sensing the vibrations spring fourth from her core she can’t help but release all tensions
As she lets go of the limited beliefs attempting to restrain the power inside her
Pooring forth, spring of life, bursting and blooming with light, she’s consumed by her love and lost to sight

Boundless –
Magnificent whole

mayryanna, April 2020

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