A dream inside a seam

all of space within a scene

time bent in and on and back upon itself –

A burst of sight; a laughing scream

I see her

the parts of us I’m running from

the dangerous side of Sunday mornings

the perfect picture on the wall

the sticky stench of shame and self-loathing

the rotting remnants of a dying soul

I thought of thinking and every object in my mind collapsed 

my heart exploded with expansion 

my gut twisted in endless readiness

Suddenly my world was flat – 

existence was suspended harmony

playing with animation

Stars forming pinpricks in the ceilings of my limitation

The nothingness of everything

for all is too much to know –

strong holds begging to be broken open

remnants of forever spread out on inwardly hopes –

There is no grace but acceptance

no glory but gratitude

There is no bliss but that of regenerated redemption 

May we all save ourselves from our ceaseless desires –

to find love: whole, unwavering and true

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