• Bannocks Recipe (Beltane Cakes)

    Beltane is a festival that celebrates the coming of summer and the fertility of the earth. One way to honor this festival is to make traditional Beltane cakes, also known as bannocks. These oatcakes were traditionally made and eaten during Beltane to symbolize the new growth of the season and to honor the spirits of…

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  • Celebrate Spring with a Traditional Beltane Bath

    One way to honor the season and connect with the energy of Beltane is to create a Beltane bath. A Beltane bath is a simple and enjoyable way to relax and focus on the intentions and themes of the festival.

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  • Make Your Own Beltane Flower Crown

    One traditional way to honor the season is to make a flower crown to wear during Beltane celebrations. Making a flower crown is a simple and enjoyable activity that anyone can do, and it allows you to connect with the natural world and the beauty of the spring season.

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  • Beltane: Pagan Fire Festival of Fertility and Renewal

    Beltane is a pagan festival celebrated on May 1st that holds great significance in ancient traditions. It is a celebration of the arrival of summer as the season of growth and abundance. Beltane is a time for honoring the fertility and renewal of the natural world, and for celebrating the union of the divine feminine…

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