Astral Connections

“The sensation that allows you to experience the physical reality, when detached from the physical body allows you to realize life beyond the physical reality.”

– Roshan Sharma
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Once a Reiki practitioner has completed their level one training and attunement they can begin level two training, which includes Astral, Remote or Distance Healing. This practice is the same exact practice as an in-person Reiki session, but the practitioner and the recipient can be miles or even thousands of miles apart.

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The reason Astral Reiki Healing works is the same reason Reiki works at all: it is not dependent on or restricted by human limitations. Unlike us and our human bodies, energy is not constrained by time or space, and thus, merely needs to be invited to act on our behalf in this otherwise foreign and inaccessible realm of time-space/space-time.

It is this same reason that Divination can transcend distances as well. During these unprecedented global shifts, these Astral Connections can allow us to receive guidance and healing regardless of our proximity to others. In these ways, mayryanna Shakti is seeking to bridge the gaps and make our increased isolation less lonely by offering her services worldwide.

“After all, everything mystical and occult (hidden) is already gestating within our subconscious, just waiting for us to bring it to life, to reawaken it.”

– Lawren Leo
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Just as it is NOT the Reiki Practitioner healing you in an in-person session, but rather the Reiki itself, it is similarly NOT the Reiki Practitioner transcending space and time during an Astral Healing, but again the transcendence of Divine Reiki Love Energy. This is why the unlimited healing potential is neither heightened nor diminished by normal constraints of space, place, time or date.

Likewise, the effectiveness of Divination is not dependent upon the Diviner but rather, manifests through the intentional channel of energy created by the agreement between them and their clients. Whenever she is working with these metaphysical modalities, mayryanna is working beyond her own capacities and thus finds no limits to the potential empowerment they provide.

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Benefits of Divination:

  • A profound sense of clarity and direction
  • Acceptance of uncomfortable truths
  • Relief of stress and anxiety
  • Transformational integration of the subconscious
  • Increased energy and excitement for goals
  • Expanded peace and gratitude…

Benefits of Reiki Healing:

  • Improved focus, memory and mental clarity
  • Processing and release of difficult emotions
  • Chronic pain, injury and illness relief
  • Transformational integration
  • Increased energy and excitement
  • Expanded peace and gratitude…

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