Did you have a good, reflective and quiet first week of December? I hope you took the opportunity to get to the center of your sovereignty because though this week starts off slow, it will pick up before we know it. In fact, it already is – can you feel it?

In the backgrounds and peripheries, energy is building, competing and challenging. This isn’t the energy of body though, but rather mind and spirit – and these two aspects are dueling, making all of us a bit queasy with the back and forth, up and down, side to side and otherwise constant internal chaos.

What’s Going On

This is all growing in intensity as we approach the Full Moon in Gemini, opposite our Sun in Sagittarius. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This realm is one of Thought/Mind and governed by the element of Air. It’s this Gemini Full Moon that is encouraging more mental activity, and we may feel that we are understanding things clearly under it’s bright illumination, but it may also cause hyper-analysis and duplicitous thoughts if left unchecked or unguided.

Our Sun in Sagittarius is complicating this as it is amplifying our highest ideals. A Fire Sign ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sag is not an influence that will just hang back and let the Gemini Moon call the shots. This is where that spirit energy start to come into play. Sagittarius is concerned with idealizations as opposed to thoughts; it is seeking the ultimate and loftiest expressions of life.

That doesn’t seem so bad right? Well, it’s not, but it is complicating things for the mental energies that are being stirred up.

Full Moon in Gemini might illuminate some patterns in your life and make you feel better equipped to confront and work with them on a practical level, but the Sun in Sagittarius will shine light on how those patterns then contribute (or don’t) to the ultimate reality and may even completely destabilize everything we “think we know” in some cases. Even though we may be tempted to make decisions, reach understanding and plan the strategic/practical parts of our life this week, we will be sorely disappointed if we don’t remain flexible and open-minded too.

We are still in preparatory, preliminary and prerequisite stages of this month’s power play move on the 26th when we have our Annular Solar Eclipse and the final New Moon of 2019. So despite how tempted you may be to the contrary, work on your patience, resist judgement and explore all possibilities right now. The more you can suspend this dissonance between the mortal mind and the immortal spirit, the better equipped you will be when that time finally comes for you to make your universal declaration of intentions before the coming of the new year.

Divinatory Guidance

Dragonfae of Rebirth, “Whole again,” Dragonfae Oracle Deck

This ancient, intertwining dragons represent the two great strands of wisdom that run through all of us. The first is the spiritual, Source wisdom that animates and sustains all of life throughout time. The second is the physiological wisdom passed down in our DNA, through our ancestral lines.

“They have no names, for they are of the great deep and mysterious and they are unknowable.”

Dragonfae of Rebirth, “Whole again,” Dragonfae Oracle Deck

This card reminds us that many things about our own selves are also unknowable. During this time of conflicting inspiration, when perhaps we may be tempted to avoid the unknown and acquiesce to our fears, be reminded of your own mysteries and take comfort that knowing isn’t essential.

When you are tempted to give the easy answer, fall back on your limited experience or make a snap judgement, challenge that wisdom you know with the wisdom you don’t. What might you be overlooking? How might you be biased? What are those schools of thought/spirit that intimidate and challenge you and why do they affect you that way?

Learning to explore possibilities beyond your own conditioning, experience and preferences will be invaluable to you throughout your life, but it is absolutely essential if you want to get all you can out of this Full Moon. It is not the time to give answers, but to ask questions – and even more so, to question ourselves, our limits and our dreams.

How might your physiological wisdom inform your spirit’s highest ideals, and how might that Source wisdom inspire your mind’s way of understanding? Study both sides, ponder all options and be content to remain undecided for now. We are only truly whole when we accept even those parts of ourselves we don’t understand.

“We are only truly whole when we accept even those parts of ourselves we don’t understand.”


If you are truly torn to the extent of anguish and pain, and feel you simply must choose, I offer you the following advice from the cosmos this week:

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

“When I lean toward love I am lead.”

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

All this life stuff isn’t up to you alone. Rest in the glories of your spirit’s most brilliant vision as you also allow your hard sought experience to give you confidence this week. Save the choosing and sorting for another time and for now, entertain, examine and explore all you can!

Blessed be my beloveds. May your week be filled with expansion and your hearts be comforted by patience.

December starts off quietly as compared to the frantically full energies of both November and October. Everything feels delightfully slower and we are tempted to succumb to a sleepy tiredness during this brief reprieve.

Still, there is a persistent knowing, nagging at our lulled minds: Christmas as just 3-weeks away! There is so much to do and who will do it if not us?

An Enchanting Situation

Perhaps we cannot ignore the expectations, but we are being invited to further enchant our experiences all the same:

Magick, Wisdom of the Crone Deck

“To have magick in our lives is to remember it is real, profound and sacred.”

Magick, Wisdom of the Crone Deck

Perhaps it’s tempting to read the above statement with “magick” as the “real, profound and sacred” “it,” but I’d like to invite you to read it with “life” in that place instead.

Magick is nothing more than the recognition of the miraculous in all that is. Magick is merely the allowance for the divine workings of the cosmos. It bends and breaks no natural or universal law, but is in fact The Natural and Universal Law.

Invite magick into your moments this week. In stillness, appreciate the rich nourishment of solitude and silence. In excitment, take note of as many glorious reminders of life’s charms as possible.

You don’t need an ideal situation or environment, your life is magick. It can be as enchanting and fulfilling as you allow it to be. Dare to explore the intoxicating wonders that await your senses, should you simply decide to. In this way, even doing less can add all the more to your life.

Kindling Our Hearths

Fire Dragon, Dragon Oracle Cards Deck

Another Orange Dragon appears to us, and much like the one that came through in our Monthly Divination, this Fire Dragon gives us tidings of community warmth this holiday season. In addition to the social curatives, this Fire Dragon brings additional blessings for us personally as well though.

Fire is the element of passion and creativity. It is powerful and active. Among its energies of manifestation, it also has the potential for destruction.

Allow this fire dragon to give you motivation and strength, but do not let your passions get out of hand. Use this refining and purifying potential intentionally in order to burn away the obstacles in the way of the magick you hope to create this coming new year. If you did the Sovereignty Ceremony for the New Moon last month, you can imagine burning up your “Spoiled” qualities as fuel for the passion behind your “Sovereign” qualities.

Utilizing this energy to burn up our resistance and fear, we allow ourselves to be transformed. Fuelling our hearths (hearts) spaces with these powerful flames, we are creating a warm and inviting place for our beloveds to gather in safety and love. There is no place for fear and rejection when we keep the fires of Truth and Love burning.

Preparing for Advancement

Empowerment, Wisdom of the Crone Deck

With all the excitement of a child, full of belief in every possibility, and all the wisdom of our most ancient guides, scarred by many lifetimes, we can embrace all that is this week and be empowered. Our value is inherent in our being, not in our doing.

We can all become more potent in our joy, and more contagious in our love, if only perhaps we readjust our standards and expectations. Allow the slowing of this week and new month to infect you, find new ways to appreciate and encourage the enchantment of the season. Show up for other people more than you shop, and take more time for yourself than you do for obligation.

Decide what self-empowerment means to you. Look for the ways “success” might be robbing your life of its magick. Burn away the spoiling and fuel your true sovereignty.

Rediscover the ways in which you are the authority in your own life and the blessings in the lives of others. ‘Tis the season to both accept our limitations as well as celebrate our opportunities, so let’s try and do a bit of both this week – it may be quiet, but it can still be purposeful.

December will start with a welcome reprieve from the last two month’s bustle. At least for the next week or so, we will feel like we are able to catch our breath and start to get ahead of our holiday to-dos. This month’s not without it’s own astrological and numerological punches though, so let’s take a look at what’s in store as 2019 comes to a close:

Mirrored Moon Magick

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 12th will have our minds kicking into high gear about this past year, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself flipping between many different perspectives about all that’s transpired. A full moon is all about illumination, and we’ll all have the unique opportunity to see things clearly, holistically and more unbiased than ever.

Interestingly, this reflective energy is mirrored in the 12/12 code (a double dose of which goes to those in the EST timezone where the fullness of this phase reaches its peak at 12:12am). If you’ll recall, 2019 is a 12/3 year numerologically, and here we see the 12/3 code doubled (or even quadrupled), on a night of a full moon in Gemini, the astrological sign of the cosmic twins.

What’s what and who’s who? It might even start to feel like your mind is locked inside of a carnival funhouse full of distorted mirrors. That level of mental disorientation gives rise to madness, but it doesn’t have to.

Have you done the work of finding your stoic tranquility and resilience this year? Have you found space within yourself where the expansiveness of truth and the brilliance of purpose do not have to be in conflict? Have you identified the values, habits and goals of your most sovereign and authentic self? Are you willing to part ways with those things that might be okay or fine, but ultimately just spoil your chances at true fulfillment?

If you haven’t figured out what keeps you centered and/or chaotic yet, you’re about to. Ready or not. The majority of this month will be dedicated to what’s settled after this year stirred everything up.

The Sun’s Rebirth

The 21st of this month will mark Midwinter, or Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. It will also mark the start of my own personal Pagan Yule Celebration that will run for 12 days, ending on January 1st 2020.

Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year, after which the days will begin growing longer once again. It is for this reason Pagans of all types held celebrations at this time of year.

In addition to the promise of a warming earth and next year’s possibilities of harvest, celebrations were held to encourage merriment and lift spirits among loved ones and friends during this dark and cold days. The traditions of decorating, feasting and gift-giving all combining to create what is even called the “holiday season” in modern times.

You too can reclaim this holy day season for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a time of consumerism and drama. Either join me on my journey of the 12 Days of Yule, December 21st – January 1st, or simply decide to make your celebrations and gift giving more intentional this year for yourself.

An Ecliptic Affair

The day after Christmas, on the 26th, we will have our Annular Solar Eclipse. This means the sun will be all but blocked from view here on earth by the moon in a cosmic alignment of these three celestial bodies.

This alignment will happen in the astrological sign of Capricorn and occurs each year around this time. This eclipse in particular has beneficial aspects with both Jupiter and Uranus.

Good luck, new opportunities and bold chances are all a possibility as we cross into the 2nd half of Yule celebrations and approach the new solar year. How will you be allowing the wisdom of your lunar sensitivities to inform and filter your own glorious solar power? What are the ways your inner truth can support the best of your outer expressions?

Get ready to start asking these questions and more as we shift from a more community centered perspective to a more individualized one after our Christmas activities come to a close. We’re all becoming more aware of how quickly time passes us by as we prepare to welcome the year 2020. What are you doing with your life? What had you imagined you would’ve accomplished by now and how did you think the world might be different?

It’s all as much about you as it is anything else. We are all a part of this reality we call life, contributing to it for better or for worse. In that way, our individual insecurity or empowerment has consequences that reach far beyond our own personal experiences. Consider your own alignments and their outcomes; you are cosmically supported to make a shift at this time, even a radical one, so make it intentional and dare to expand the blessings of your life’s repercussions before ever stepping foot into 2020.

Divinatory Conclusions

Source Dragon, Dragon Oracle Cards Deck

The first card pulled for this month is one we saw last month as well, indicating our work continues. Even though the month starts off in a bit of a lull, we aren’t quite done with the deep, transformational process we’ve been undergoing this year. Calm seas can be deadly, just below the surface.

Integration is not only beneficial, it is essential. We must take the time to learn the lessons that have been presented to us at a soul level, only then will we come into our true strength of Spirit. Release the ego, more. Trust the divine, more. Actualize your enlightenment, more. Just be, more.

Find yourself by losing your sense of rightness. In this suspended fullness, get on a mat or chair and just sit. Explore the separation dividing you from source until it dissolves completely and you are left with only Truth.

Dignity, Wisdom of the Crone Deck

Our next card seems to speak to the energy of the eclipse and the call we’ve all recieved to embrace our sovereign selves. This is similar to the message of the Source Dragon card, but it turns the attention to the Source within as opposed to the Source as it might be outside of ourselves.

I believe it came prior to the last card as a reminder to carry this dignity and sovereignty with us into our holiday celebrations. Yet, we are not left without our lighthearted seasonal merriment either.

Orange Dragon, Dragon Oracle Cards Deck

Our last card draw for the month is the Orange Dragon and brings a message that echos the purposes of Pagans past:

“Spread belonging, warmth and oneness. Bring people everywhere together.”

Orange Dragon, Dragon Oracle Cards Deck

As we traverse the long nights of this dark season, towards the promise of the sun’s rebirth, let us not forget the light we carry within ourselves. We have the ability to be warm or cold, loving or cruel, marry or bitter. Choose for yourself, but choose with the awareness of how you matter and mean to others as well.

Blessed Be Beloveds! May your 2019 finish as spectacularly as your 2020 begins!

Today’s Channel

Beads of sweat, more than brimming – threatening, taunting, dripping into our eyes. We’re at the starting gate, chomping at the bit, yet held back by forces we don’t fully comprehend. Our whole being feels propelled forward yet we are physically stuck.

Minds racing, hearts pounding – heat pooling at our cores, threatening eruption. Freedom and purpose beckoning us from just beyond our limitations. “If only!” We cry, begging with destiny for the mercy to break out of our constraints and experience the fulfillment of these aching passions.

“Patience Beloveds.”

We are asked yet again to wait, but more even – we are asked to transform our waiting. We are being asked to develop our resilience, our steadfastness, our power and strength. We are not being tested, we are being transformed.

The opportunity of the archer lies not in the moment of the arrows flight, but in the calm and subtle positioning of their posture before they ever take the shot. It is that time now. We must take notice of our state, our your challenges and discomforts, our anxiety and anxious longing – we can take note of everything right now and adjust it all according to the trajectory of our targets.

Let everything be shaken loose by our passions. Let all priorities be sorted by our unapologetic truth. Become the nobel sovereigns, taking full responsibility for our lives and our goals, enabling ourselves with gratitude and authenticity.

“This moment is as precious as any. Savor your opportunities to survey and strategize. Indulge fully in the experience of your befores, for they all too soon become your afters…”

Heavenly Movements

Mars opposite Uranus has all of us feeling irritable, anxious and annoyed. We want to do, we want to go, we want to accomplish – yet, all our efforts seem stifled, and to make it worse, we are the ones getting in our own way.

We keep reexamining, reconsidering, rehashing – we’ve learned so much in these past 5 months, but for the life of us we can’t put our finger on any of it. We feel disturbed, disrupted and even somewhat defeated. What a place to be! Both charged and subdued.

This is further aggravated by Neptune’s eminent turn direct tomorrow. We’ve been stewing in our own emotional, idealistic and passionate juices since July and we’ve had enough. Like a kettle slowly coming to a boil on the stove, we want to express ourselves loudly!

So what’s holding us back? In addition to its opposition to Mars, Uranus is also conjunct Venus, in her cardinal sign of Taurus. Not only is our action being opposed by ingenuity and change, but the very stability and foundations of our world are entertaining revolution and regeneration as well. Everything is up in the air right now, so we have no where to move forward from.

That is, unless we create it for ourselves, and that is exactly the power play move available to us today.

A Sovereignty Ritual

Get out a peice of paper and create two columns, titled “Spoiled” and “Sovereign” at the top. Now, tap in to yourself. Feel deeply into this moment, right now. Don’t force any thoughts, feelings or expectations – just sit.

Once you’ve found a place of calm within yourself, begin to write: anything you desire that resonates with either column should be placed there. The “Spoiled” column representing things that you desire purely from an egoic, fear or pleasure based standpoint. The “Sovereign” column representing the longing of your soul, your gifts/callings and the things that you feel a grateful responsibility towards.

No judgements, just discernment; place things out of authenticity rather than “rightness.” Some things in my columns will be opposite to how others place their associations, and that’s how it should be; our differences are our ticket to freedom.

Write for as long as necessary. Delve into every facet and faction of your life; leave no stone unturned. When you are done, read and reflect. Reexamine each and every association for traces of cross contamination from perceived egoic “rightness” and adjust as necessary until you are sure the lists are accurate and true.

Now it is time to make intentions. Are the things in your “Spoiled” column things you can willingly sacrifice for the benefit of the things in your “Sovereign” column? Why it why not? If it makes you uncomfortable or brings you pain, examine why, without judgement. Explore this idea for as long as feels productive and focus on developing a plan for what limitations you will be sacrificing as well as for what corresponding opportunities.

You do not need to sacrifice/adopt everything on your lists and can return to do this exercise again and again as you like. Look for patterns and groupings and choose one type of corresponding behaviors to focus on for now. Once you have your selection, grab two more pieces of paper and this time write a letter to both your Spoiled self and your Sovereign self.

Include what you are letting go of and why. Offer thanks and appreciation for all of the experiences and reasons you have kept these things with you, acknowledging their place in your life before relinquishing your attachment to them.

Detail what you will be nurturing in yourself and how your sacrifices will support your Sovereign intentions. Remain grateful and humble, trying to present everything objectively and clearly. Redefine the relationships you have with these parts of yourself, intentionally, with the precision of a master archer taking aim.

Once finished, you will burn the list and the two letters (please do so safely/responsibly). Starting with the lists, then the Spoiled letter and finally the Sovereign letter. This last act energetically releases your intentions to the Cosmos and seals the ritual as complete.

You may also bury the writings if you wish. With the fire element you will be adding the masculine/activation energy to your intentions (appealing to the Mars archetype at play), whereas by burying them you will be adding the feminine/incubation energy to your intentions (appealing to the Venusian vibes). Ask yourself about the urgency of your requests, you may even feel called to burn one and bury another – follow your intention’s prompting here.

The Essential

Regardless of whether you do the entire ritual above, take some time today to set intentions. This is a powerful and potent opportunity that will have cascading effects throughout the next year.

Where do you want to be and how are you going to get there? What’s holding you back and how soon can you let go of those constraints? What truth exists in you, that when fully expressed creates unlimited self-admiration and respect, and how can you express that truth more and more?

Blessed be my dears, may you have the courage to do the hard and honest things, today and every day!

“The presence of Love will always cast out fear.”

The Universe Has Your Back Deck
The Universe Has Your Back Deck

As Jupiter completes its crossing of the Galactic Center, I wanted to request a message from the Divine regarding the manifestation potentiality of this transit. I recieved the simple, yet sophisticated response above.

As we process through the heavyweight soul lessons of life, we can also allow ourselves to be lifted, inspired and transformed, not in spite of but because of our tribulations and challenges. In all things and at all times, seek Love. Hard, tough, ugly, raw, real and revolutionary Love.