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Following the Signs to Splendor

I’m 30,000 feet above the earth, flying home to Denver right now. Alas, as every trip must, my campervaning adventure has come to an end.
It’s been an interesting week. In true traveling-during-Mercury-retrograde fashion I’ve experienced technological problems (lost my brand new FitBit, had horrible cell service and cracked my phone’s screen) and communication problems (disagreements, misunderstandings and all out arguments between my coadventurers), making the journey a bit of a bumpy ride…. Even before getting sick and not sleeping well all week.
Still, none of that seems important in light of the mysterious blessings and synchronicities I also experienced this week. Many small things – playful little kisses from the universe – were sprinkled throughout my days as per usual… But the most significant was something I’ll never be able to forget.

It all began with my unknowing participation

I bought a book on Nordic Runes when I was passing through Iceland last fall on my way home from Europe. I had yet to even crack it open, so I decided to bring it with me on this trip – now I wonder if things would have unfolded the way they did if I hadn’t…

We were driving from Cape Flattery to the Hoh Rainforest and made a quick stop for water… That turned out to be anything but. We had stumbled into a food co-op operated by an expatriate Australian couple and were enjoying the variety of miscellaneous supplies and wares in the shop when they offered us Master Rune readings. Of course we could not refuse.
Prior to even sitting down, the woman was already reading us – mentioning things to my sister and friends about themselves that she simply shouldn’t have known… And telling me some things that were both shocking and resonant as well. Perhaps in the future I will talk about these things more specifically, but for now I feel they are still for me to continue processing.

The readings were all dead-on and we enjoyed visiting with this enigmatic couple for hours, eventually purchasing lunch and carrying on like old friends, hugging them repeatedly when we were finally able to pull ourselves away to leave. I purchased their self-published volume on the Master Runes system they created that combines the Nordic Runes and two other ancient runic systems with a few other symbols the woman had channeled herself. I also bought all of the corresponding Master Runes.

Not a beginning, an acceleration

This is not my first set of Runes. I have a beautiful collection of Amazonite crystal Norse Runes at home. This is also not the only system of Divination I am familiar with. By the time I had started learning Tarot and what Divination really is, I had already amassed a collection of Pendulums, Oracle Decks and had my first set of Runes. I remember joking with my more esoteric friends, “do you think I have a propensity for Divination at all?”
I told this joke to the lady at the shop before my reading too. She and I had an unexplainable and unspoken connection. It was almost like we kept sharing inside jokes throughout our time together, sometimes with only mere glances.
Somehow, spontaneously finding this shop in the middle of nowhere seemed anything but accidental. I recalled saying “ooh, a food co-op,” the first time we drove through the little town on our way to the cape but remained quiet as we left and one of the girls said “your welcome! Aren’t you all glad I saw that place for us to get water?”

I had remained quiet through a lot of things – it seemed that as much as this experience was for me, it was for all of us in different ways, and I didn’t want to diminish that for anyone with petty semantics… It was enough for me to know that the energy of that place was calling to me, I didn’t need to group to validate it for me.

Perhaps it was just simple physics. The Icelandic book on Nordic Runes in my bag reaching out energetically to entangle us with the Master Runes and their teachers… Perhaps it was destined and nothing could have kept us from stopping at that little food co-op. Regardless, I am grateful.

Returning home to get to my true soul work

One thing is for sure: I feel activated. A major shift has taken place within me… Healing.
It’s as if a great divide between my heart and my mind has suddenly diminished and I am no longer fighting against empty space of possibility and paranoia within myself. I feel whole. I feel accepted, by myself.

I have had many shifts in my life, many blessings and many changes – but somehow, this experience has made sense of all of them without the construction of understanding… I simply know myself now. Intuitively, my spirit feels at home within me, my soul is content with this lifetime’s quest and there is a subdued joy and peace consuming my being.
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is hard work and many challenges to come, and I appreciate these opportunities already. I feel my strength and power in ways I didn’t know were possible – like the quiet and gentle assurance of your mother’s hand rubbing your back while you sleep, it isn’t obtrusive but it is permeating… This is how I am now feeling my readiness to fulfill my calling.

No more doubts. No more excuses. No more shame.
Ready or not world, Mayryanna is full and overflowing –

Tree in the middle of Olympic National Forest

A Modern Ritual

Today is quite the day for planetary shifts! New Moon in Pieces, Uranus moves into Taurus – Mercury just a day into its retrograde through Pieces… WOW.

I LOVE new moons, even more than full moons. As a barren woman I resonate strongly with the mystical qualities of abyss and void. I also really love Piecean energy as an intuitive and empath; the complete saturation of emotional energy makes me swoon with a poetic heaviness that permeates my being physically, mentally and spirituality.

Image: Internet

I’m also a cusp Taurus, so while the “innovator” planet Uranus moving into our sign to shake things up might greatly distress a true Taurus’ resistance to change, my bit of Aries fire has me SUPER EXCITED! I have no idea what to expect, but I’m ready to ride the wave regardless…

Starting with intention

This morning I began a 40 day Kundalini Sadhana commitment as a form of active intention. The kriya I’ll be working with is for Internal Balance and I am partaking in this with some friends for the benefit of accountability.

Image: Yogi Bhajan’s Library of Teachings

I also attended a Satori yoga class today in which we did a salutation to the new moon, also setting an intention of the more classical personal mantra/affirmation style. My intention is to activate a love of both personal awareness and discipline.

Refining for effectiveness

I have set intentions to “be more disciplined” or “have more self control” before, but I’ve come to realize that I am really very disciplined already… When I put my mind to something there is no question that I will do it… I just resent discipline and think of it as a “not fun thing that I have to do even though it’s basically miserable…” So, I am now seeking to shift my perspective of this characteristic instead. Hopefully this new mindset will help me find enjoyment in delaying gratification and developing perseverance.

I also included the awareness bit because I’ve realized that too often I don’t do what I intend to do not because of a lack of discipline but rather, because I’m simply distracted. Now, my poetic sensibilities and tendancies towards blissfully intricate mindfulness are certainly precious to me, but I’ve also got a lot of stuff I want to accomplish – I need to be able to hone in my focus more effectively. I hope to do this with increased awareness; to refine my mindfulness so that I can still get enraptured by my experiences, but also be able to maintain focus when necessary – and to be present enough with my own priorities to know the difference.

Gotta love that yoga glow!

Making it an expression

I also laid out a crystal grid, using various raw Quartz and Amazonite stones I collected myself this past week after hiking to a local vein. I do these intuitively and this one became a kind of sunburst or mandala.

I was drawn to a white candle earlier this week that has a rainbow running through it, and I added this to my crystal grid, lighting it intermittently throughout the day as I have been able to supervise it.

I get into a trance when I create these grids…

I also wanted to take a ritual bath but alas, I ran out of time today and have an early day tomorrow. A ritual bath is not something to be rushed through after all.

I did still indulge in a bit of self-care though. A face mask isn’t much but, it was important to me to include a bit of pampering in my observation (I am still a Taurus).

No bubbling cauldron or even sage smudging (though I did light a some incense), yet all of these things are no less magickal. I feel good about the impressions I sent out into the universe today; however small, practical and modest, they are no less powerful.

Image: Instagram, @moonbodysoul