I’ve been enjoying a local’s tour of Wisconsin these past few days and did a bit more sight seeing today. Got to see Cave of the Mounds.

Love this!

It’s a closed cave system that was discovered when the property owners were blasting to mine limestone. It contains no habitats or creatures, only ever-evolving geological formations:

Stalagmites “might reach the ceiling someday”
Stalactites “hold tight to the ceiling”
Columns are formed when both types of cave formations combine into one pillar that reaches from floor to ceiling
We’re cute…
Caves are so cool…
A sink hole as seen from underground (they’ve dug into it to check for more cave beyond it)
Fossils, each over 3 feet long
Some of Nature’s endless artwork…
So much happening in this picture
Calcite, manganese and iron causing coloration in the rock formation
Stalagtites are solid all the way through and have rings like trees
“Soda straws” are the start of stalagmite formations – so named for their hollow center
“Cave Brocolli” just above a sunk-pump maintained waterline
Same year I was born lol (pretty good year)!

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