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Celebrate Spring with a Traditional Beltane Bath



lavender and massage oils

Beltane is a celebration of spring, renewal, and growth. One way to honor the season and connect with the energy of Beltane is to create a Beltane bath. A Beltane bath is a simple and enjoyable way to relax and focus on the intentions and themes of the festival.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for making a Beltane bath:


set of jars of bath salts composed with gentle matthiola incana flowers
Photo by Rebecca on Pexels.com


  1. Start by preparing your space. Clear the area of any clutter and create a peaceful atmosphere. Light candles and incense, if desired, and put on some relaxing music.
  2. Run a warm bath and add your bath salts or Epsom salt. Stir the water to dissolve the salts.
  3. Add your dried herbs or essential oils to the bath. You can use rose petals, lavender, chamomile, or any other herbs or oils that you find soothing and inspiring. Stir the water to distribute the herbs and oils evenly.
  4. Take a moment to set your intentions for the bath. Think about the themes of Beltane, such as renewal, growth, and abundance, and focus on your desires and goals for the season.
  5. Get into the bath and soak for at least 20-30 minutes. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, allowing the scents and sensations of the bath to wash over you. Visualize your intentions and allow yourself to feel the energy of Beltane.
  6. When you are ready to get out of the bath, take a moment to express gratitude for the experience. Thank the elements and energies of the universe for their support and guidance.
woman lying in a bathtub with flowers
Photo by Tatiana Castrillon on Pexels.com

Your Beltane bath is now complete, and you can continue to enjoy the peaceful and energizing effects throughout the day. Whether or not you are celebrating Beltane in other ways, a Beltane bath is a simple and effective way to connect with the spirit of the festival and honor the energy of the season.

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