youth is wasted on young
but i’m not yet thirty one –

chasing cotton candy clouds


riding roller coaster mountains
wind blown up, peak to peak –
down the creased valleys low
closed eyes still see splendour
mind draping the layers of sound –

painting the landscape by its noise

smell the deliciousness of life
strewn about like nature’s litter –
wild-flower pops popping ’round
tranquility’s chaos numbing edge
sinking in and blowing through –

taking over entire nervous systems


the wilds aren’t so different
from our electrifying games –

kept on: patient and complex


will i jump from this nest
will i plunge toward death –
will i dare to try to fly?
will i find new, better rides
play more challenging games –
satisfy my adventure craving?
time to taste abandon’s thrill
open wide to the sweet sugar –
create my candy-cloud castles

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