Self-doubts, perfection paralysis, blissful ignorance – it’s all a part of the process for optimal mastery. This journey isn’t about having it all together, but rather, the work of getting there. So, despite my inner cringe, here is an unscripted video update from me:

To expand on and clarify the mention of my body fat percentage, health and weight have always been a concern of mine, but inconsistency with exercise and diet as well as hormonal complications have made it difficult to maintain a better physique even at my most successful (which has still never meant reaching my goal weight). I am beginning this year focused on daily habits rather than my health goals per se, but the two are in fact quite linked. My intention is to build in sustainable habits rather than schedule things in as tasks to be accomplished. I don’t want to have to force myself to be healthy, I want to find a lifestyle that produces health in me and never worry about it again! That’s what optimal mastery means to me in this case.

I have attempted a variety of fads and could understand the logic behind them all, but what my new goals are based in is simply what I feel aligns best with my values: a raw-vegan diet, a daily spiritual practice that includes meditation and yoga, as well as a bit of vigorous activity each day such as a HIIT/weights workout or a hike. I believe that by making these practices habits I will have no other alternative but to produce better heath in myself.

Now, this is going to be an adjustment. I have been fluctuating between vegetarian and vegan for a couple years now and have been a raw vegan before, always giving up because of convenience. The fact is that eating well takes time and effort. You have to plan the meals, buy the food (fresh) and then still prepare it all before you actually eat. It eliminates the option for emotional/boredom eating almost entirely but it is an investment as well. That’s why I’m starting the year off with a 10-Day Reset from Sakara Life. I’m excited to have some recipes to get me started on the right foot and I love the added motivation I get from the program and products.

As far as the other end of things, I am building in my exercise habits slowly. I have a tendancy to go really hard until I push too far and have to dial back and get discouraged. Not this time! I began waking myself up earlier in December and have added a modest Sadhana practice of the Basic Spinal Energy kriya and a Adi Shakti mantra meditation, as well as a commitment to squat my max weight (1-6 reps, 3 sets), to my morning routine for January. I will be adding on to these habits with each subsequent month and hope that the slow build will ultimately render my new habits and routines sustainable. I also got another fitness tracker because I am much more active when I’m aware of how active I am (living with grandma as her companion and caregiver, it’s easy to sit too much if I’m not careful – grandma’s activity level is not anywhere near where mine should be lol).

Here’s to giving it my best, even when that means taking my time to get the results I want and having to learn how to maintain both patience and momentum! Blessed New Year everyone – thanks for taking this ride with me 🙏 I’m looking forward to a great one!

3 thoughts on “Coming Clean for 2019

    1. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments 🙏 I am certainly learning that authenticity means owning up to both the highs and the lows, and that my struggles aren’t unique but actually relatable lol!

      The problem I kept running into with every fad was my own impatience for an end result, total destination addiction, which would always disappoint. I’m hoping that by building my habits purposefully and with regard for sustainability I’ll be able to avoid that though – it’s less about the vanity of looking a certain way than it is the honor of being a person who cares very well for herself this time you know? I think that difference will help a lot too.

      Thanks again and blessings to you dear!

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