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Contribute to Txana Huya

The Pajés are currently working with their faithful translator Samira to create a complete projects list for the Intercultural Center. After we receive this information, we will be updating the Huni Kuin Connection to reflect the most precise needs of the community.

How to Donate

As Optimal Mastery continues to develop the Huni Kuin Connection, these indigenous guardians of the Amazonia are working faithfully to find ways to afford the most immediate projects necessary for their sustainability and expansion. This includes repairs to the roof of their sacred Maloca and a rain catchment system for the village. At this time, they are also asking for donations to cover costs of beads for their Women’s Organization so that they can increase production of the jewelry and crafts they sell.

If you are interested in donating towards the purchase of beads, or to any of the Txana Huya projects directly, please get in touch by emailing hunikuinconnection@optimalmastery.life or by filling out the form below:

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Consider Purchasing Crafts

Another way you can help to support the Huni Kuin and their vision for the Txana Huya Intercultural Center is to purchase their handcrafted jewelry, accessories and medicines.