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mayryanna Shakti

Entrepreneur, Writer & Owner of Optimal Mastery

A multidisciplinary metaphysical practitioner with a heart for assisting her global tribe during this potent time of change and evolution. Classically trained as a poet, creative writer and philosopher, mayryanna has undertaken continued education in the practices of Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Magick and Divination, ultimately carving out a highly customized and unique career for herself. She is honored to be expanding her online offerings to now include contributions from other world-changers and paradigm-challengers as well!

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Lucas Lorenzo & Sammi Bammer

Familiars & Chiefs

A couple of cute, cuddly spirit lifters and non-judgmental listeners, we have been helping guide our momma mayryanna Shakti on her own path of spiritual development for many years. We specialize in compassion, constructively criticizing glances and reassuring purrs.

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Unique Content Contributor

An individual with creativity and passion to spare! Has fresh ideas and a love for bringing out the potential in others. Rich with diverse experiences and a wide range of interests and expertise. Enjoys learning from life and embracing opportunities to share their wisdom.

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