Smells of something familiar in an intoxicating space never visited before

Droning, white-noise hum, drowning down the mind’s creaks and shutters

Strange comfort, like the refreshment of a favorite pillow turned over


Discourse on the subversion of culture, provoking and taunting the truth

Playfully tracing the outlines of desire through veiled attempts at moving on

Charging to diffuse, relaxing to stimulate, coaxing me on to reign me in


Pull me up after you peg me down, extending – before collapsing me fully

Wrap me gently in arms, feel my whole body soften as my breaths grow longer

Gently holding me, your strength envelops and carresses my bare vulnerabilities


Safety means not having to apologize for being true; holding that space

Holding me, you show me – disarming my sensitivities into awareness

Suddenly the mundane blossoms into the extraordinary right before us


We’re dancing without music and your reading my body like a book

Falling into the grace of shared moments and creating our own worlds

Won’t be here forever, cold reality will creep in, but for now – cradle me


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