Today was fun. I got to spend the day with my sister, who’s conveniently also a master stylist, and got all dolled up.

In process

She did some gentle lifting in my hair and then styled it. Add some makeup and voila!

I clean up pretty nice!
Curly hair, it’s so fun!

Got all dressed up to get some video footage to use in Silent Movie Number Three:

Roarin’ like the 20’s

But still ended up in my comfy clothes and let my hair down as soon as possible:

I call my style “Mountain Witch Chic” lol

And ’cause I’m still feeling extra, SELFIE TIME!

Aaaand – goodnight xoxo 😘

why are you still grasping
when you already know?
your fingers feel so much more
the gentler they flow
over top and in between
when they’re free to roam every intricacy –
scratchy-catchy wool finding tiny skin-hooks
the chill of morning caught in the glass of windows
the way skin feels both cool and hot at the same time
tracing the textures of intimacy in piles of pillows –

why are you still chasing
when you are already sure?
your feet go so much further
the more purposeful they dance
around mountains and through trees
when they’re free to find every adventure –
Faery castles made of rocks, leaves and pinecones
birds and creatures coming ’round to great you
the way earth feels both warm and cold at the same time
the textures of dirt squishing under your toes

why are you still grasping
when you already know?
why are you still chasing
when you are already sure?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the website has transformed, once again. If you’ve been a reader for any length of time now, you have seen this happen many times and may be wondering why.

After all, this type of inconsistent online presence behavior goes against every tenet of branding and marketing out there. “Stay consistent,” “focus on being recognizable” and “when people see your branding they should feel assured and comfortable” are not uncommon tips to find around the bloggosphere – but, their not for me.

Optimal Mastery isn’t about trying to make people comfortable. It’s not even about collecting readers or followers. No, Optimal Mastery’s purpose is much more transparent, vulnerable and raw then that.

That’s why the site changes so often, it’s a reflection of myself. I am always changing, transforming and reinventing mayryanna, and so, it feels most authentic when my blog does these somersaults too.

If you’re looking for carefully controlled consistency, meticulously manicured media and steadily streamed standards – LOOK ELSEWHERE! Optimal Mastery won’t ever settle.

Walking an unpopular path
People will tell you you’re lost
They caution you against their fears
They tell you what cannot be done

Walking the path of your soul
Deep into dark corners and cold
Sometimes the way feels awful lonely
Othertimes the shadows prove friendly

Walking one step before next
Taking your precious time back
Facing the monsters that live in inside
Embracing all your brokenheartedness

Walking on, you don’t turn away
Except to laugh into the twirling abyss
Surprises lay ahead, blessings to be had
Gifts sprinkled throughout for your bliss

Walking an unpopular path
Walking the path of your soul
It my not be crowded and it may not be lit –
but walk on Truth warriors of ancient and old

Little cottage at the fork (Bristol, UK, October 2018)

Written one year ago after visiting the Blarney Castle in Ireland on an absolutely enchanted and “impossible” European trip

Here is the second of the poetic videos for mayryanna’s upcoming performance art set, Wanderlust. This is called Silent Movie Number Two:

It is based on the poem Remember Now by mayryanna.

Stay tuned to Optimal Mastery and mayryanna’s social media for the release of Silent Movie Number Three, Sunday, October 13th.

And be sure to get your tickets to come watch the conclusion to Wanderlust at the RAW Natural Born Artists showcase, STELLAR, here in Denver at the Church Nightclub, October 24th from 7-11pm!