Daring Change: Tarot Divination for the May 2022 Flower Moon Eclipse

selective color photography of blood moon

Though the phenomenon in tonight’s sky will be brief, the effects of the eclipse will linger on for several months as the North Node remains in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio (January 2022 – July 2023). By the end of the year (October and November) we will see another Eclipse paring in these same signs, giving us roughly 5-6 months to work intensely with the themes of this portal.

As the spring season takes hold here in the northern hemisphere, we are invited to witness nature’s recycling progression. Perhaps now, more than any other time of year, we can appreciate the mysterious, feminine abundance of earth’s possibility and grace.

As midnight chimes here in the Colorado Rockies, May’s Flower Moon will reach peak fullness. A couple hours before the height of its lunation, it will station to align perfectly with the earth, opposite the sun. For about a half hour, it’s appearance will shine differently tonight, as it’s eclipsed by our planet’s shadow.

The deep, dark, watery essence of this Scorpio moon will bear a dull, ruddy tone. The sun’s Taurus infused light filtering past our earth to reach it.

Taurus Sun Energy
Scorpio Moon Energy
Overall Eclipse Energy

This is a night for grounding seeds in soft, fertile spaces and nourishing these dreams with the free, emotive flow of surrender. A time to express our anticipation and faith in the changes to come. A time to recognize that our footing depends on the layers of history and sacrifices that have come and passed.

King of Swords – Reversed
Recognize the power within. Take control of your thoughts, take responsibility for your future; choose wisely.

We will have a heightened awareness of what we’ve lost: the things we have let go of consciously, as well as those that were stripped from us by the violence of time and maturity. Yet, this wisdom will be accompanied by the sweet, mysterious promise of unlimited futures. We are at the precipice of Now: straddling the eternal moment, bridging the expanse of both gone and coming.

Tonight though, the entire solar system is aligning to witness this infinite give and take. We are invited to pause; to recognize the perpetual power that continues despite AND because of everything.

Ten of Wands – Reversed
Notice your burdens. Decide what to leave behind; consider where you want to go and the ease of the journey.

Truly, we are always in this place. Yet, we seldom take the chance to glimpse the miraculous nature of being. We remain too busy to notice, disenchanted by our grief and distracted by our fears.

We can take this chance to expand our understanding, moving beyond cause and effect, to honor the cyclical progressions of existence. We can give ourselves permission to heal and release our grief. We can give ourselves the vision to see past our fears to the future’s abundance.

Three of Pentacles
Decide on the outcome, develop a strategy, gather a team and create.

As we find ourselves stationed within this threshold, it would serve us to ask some questions:

– What will we be leaving behind?
– What are we intending to move towards?
– What are our relationships to death, decay, fertilization,
reproduction and growth?

As a lotus pushes up through the mud, so too must we move through life’s obstacles to claim our fulfillment. A seed must be planted in darkness before it can grow. Will we recognize our opportunities and allow our potential to germinate, or will we remain dormant? If we do not choose to move forward with the cycles of nature, we will be recycled as a part of the past.

May 15, 2022

mayryanna Shakti

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