Dearest Self,

I know we are on pretty good terms lately, and I’m not writing this to rehash anything, I just have to put it all out there. Once and for All.

Thank you. I don’t understand how but, despite being my worst enemy at times you’ve really been there for me – always. You are one tough cookie. I’m proud of you.

I like walking with you. You make me hold my head a little taller. Knowing what you’ve been through and seeing you still genuinely try and love others makes my heart smile daily.

You inspire me. Knowing what I’ve put you through – and you still show up every day to drag my ass around lol… I feel I could never repay you.

Yet – it’s so complicated… We still find ways to undermine one another.

Basically, I’m just trying to say: you’ve got me. So let’s figure this out.

Checking with the stars and signs I would like to propose we commit to the following:

#1 – Wellbeing and Self-Care

It’s high time we started making caring for both of us a fine art beloved. We have the tools, knowledge and finally the time too. I’m talking lots of baths, yoga and self-pampering because that’s what we love! As well as better, more consistent nutrition, activity and meditation because that’s what we need. Also – naps, kitty cuddles, reading, writing and arting because, it’s all about us baby doll!

#2 – Letting Go

Downsize, downsize, downsize. Everything. Especially toxic emotions. Because yes, despite our amazingness and hard work we still have a lot of work to do sugar… Surrender. We always have one another (and I am definitely going to need YOUR help with this one).

#3 – Sadhana (daily spiritual practice)

We totally got this Beau! It what we’ve been made for and you are well on your way to an unbroken streak that extends indefinitely! Doesn’t hurt that all the benefits are making it hard to stop… Thanks for sticking with my lazy, rebellious and entitled butt long enough to get us here. I’m sorry for those things I said along the way, I didn’t mean any of them. I was just scared.

#4 – Professional Leadership

Sounds good right? Do you know what it means? Okay, awesome. We’ll be figuring this one out together then… At least it sounds like a challenging and fun adventure.

#5 – Community

Keep reaching out, keep showing up, keep being authentic. We challenge people but heck, they need it… Our boldness is one of my favorite qualities and I am so glad you challenged me to get comfortable being uncomfortable and do the hard things. Your love for people extends so far beyond the limitations of our codependent grooming and I am proud to learn to embody it more daily.

#6 – Study

Yea you know it – time to get out the books and burn through some courses. We’ve been collecting interests for some time and now is our time to gorge on curiosity! Kundalini YTT is going well so what’s it going to be first: Reiki Master/Trainer or Herbalism certification first?

I know it’s a lot but you have to admit we’ve already been thinking about all of this stuff anyway. LET’S DO IT! You’re the one who taught me to believe in the language of stars and symbols after all –

Let me know what you think beautiful. I’ll be ready…

In solidarity,

mayryanna SHAKTI

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