Desires float like snow
dancing as they fall
collecting all around
melding together as
they take over: covering all
Each one intricate
each one different
all still melting down
all becoming water
united in destruction of identity
Fate the inevitable undoing
Destiny what’s undone
Promises must break
against, into, because:
they’re fragile in the making
We humans are fragile creatures
we can’t help but break down
we are built for evolution
Optimization requires updates
each version uniquely fallible
“I” Feel beautiful –
“I” See loving –
“I” Hear joy –
“I” Taste luxury –
“I” Smell identity –
So then, once “I” let go
when “I” dissolve the lines
when “my” edges soften
as “I’m” melting “my” Self
“my” ego fades: decaying ideals
What of the between?
What about the story
“I” keep telling anyone
who will listen, especially
“myself” – again and over, desperate?
What are the purposes
of these intricate lines?
Why be different if we are all
going to meld together again?
Why do I feel important?
I don’t want to be important
but really, when that melts
down: I don’t want to dis-
appoint or ruin Everything
I just want to blend nicely
I’m letting my edges melt
even before I hit the ground
I’m so ready to flow deeper
into the dark warm embrace –
Gravity pulling me to the core
We are suspended on cold air
We are sucked in by warm earth
We are recycled in the heat of fire
To be carried again and once more
up to expand, down to collapse in
What of desires and snowflakes?
What of gravity and water?
What of dissonance and cognition?
What of I and the Other?
Why do questions all have the same answers?
Perhaps, Deepest Darkest
you are not gluttonous or evil
you are not damnable
you are not what you fear
You Are: simply: remembering –
all I want: what I have
To Be – fully and freely: floating
falling, flowing – caring less about
edges and cyclical pressure
Finding peace in loving the journey
Feeling the intoxicating beauty
Seeing the loving bliss
Hearing the grateful laughter
Tasting the luxurious delights
Smelling the layers of identity
Every chance I have, I’ll take it
Every change there is, I’ll make it
Now and always, forever, on repeat
I’m cycling, learning to appreciate
better and better and better
Yes, Deepest Darkest
you are beautiful and good
you are redeemable
you are greater than your fears
You Are: simply: remembered –

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