Divinatory Beginnings 2020: the Aries New Moon

At just before half past three this morning, our astrological new year has officially begun. The sun has been in Aries for a couple days, but now the moon is being reborn and starting it’s cycle in the sign of the firey ram as well.

We all know this time of year to be particularly exciting… usually… but with the global pandemic seemingly right outside our doors, we are experiencing a very un-Aries spring so far. Instead of getting out we are staying in, instead of making plans we’re cancelling them, and despite all our stirring and anxiety, we cannot indulge in the freedom and energy of unbridled Aries season.

So what to the cards have to say about all this seasonal tension being pitted against current affairs?

Asking the Tarot about Spring and Coronavirus

From the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

I began the reading with my Shadowscapes Tarot Deck, getting right down to business, asking what we need to know for this difficult time. Our first card immediately offers a glimpse of our frustrated stagnation:

The Knight of Cups (reversed)

Though not the exact card I would choose to represent Aries, the energy of the Kight certainly brings the excitement and daring that we would typically expect from this sign. Seeing it pulled reversed was like a little nod from the universe, acknowledging the frustrating and counterintuitive dismay we are all currently feeling.

This card isn’t simply trying to make us feel validated though, it is a challenge as well. The reversal is inviting us within, to where? To the realms of intuition, emotion and dreams.

Being a fire sign, Aries is being stung twice here, for in addition to its blazing energy being thwarted, its firey passion is also seemingly doused – or is it? There is something more to these juxtapositions…

We are all, like this knight, being invited to upend everything – even ourselves. What you think you know doesn’t matter anymore. What do you know so deeply and distinctly that it can create that brilliance of hope from deep within the layers of your soggy consciousness?

That’s what we are being invited to find right now – truth. No frills, no distractions – just the truth. Yet, despite its unassuming nature, truth is the white hot power that can help us overcome whatever may still be ahead.

Doubling Down for Affect

XVII – The Star (reversed)

Our next card also pulled reversed: XVII – the Star. The energy of this card is hard to pin down, and that’s the point. It represents those most illusive, etheric and mystical parts of ourselves – that we may even keep hidden from our own awareness.

Coming right after our frustrated knight, I take this to be a deepening of the invitation to commune with yourself. Don’t simply go within, go so deep within that you find those parts of yourself you had forsaken – and then reclaim them.

Whereas the reversal halts the Kight, it enchants the Star – it is the rabbit hole and you are Alice. What’s sure to follow will be nothing sort of wonderous, and at times disorienting and scary, but you must first explore the world within you before you can offer yourself fully to the world outside of you.

We’ve been playing small. We’ve set our sights on reasonable targets and we kept our heads down, plugging ahead… until we smashed into a boulder. That boulder is our reversals, but the delightful existential concussion that comes after is the playful energy of the Star, inviting you to reengage with your reality in different, but ultimately more authentic, sensual and meaningful ways just for you.

No Hope of Avoiding Devastation

Three of Swans

As it would happen during a worldwide pandemic, the card we might hope to turn up reversed is pulled direct: the Three of Swords. As you can tell from this cards art work, it represents sacrifice, turmoil and deep pain.

I do not take this card to be a type of damnation however, but rather, an invitation. Right now we all have the opportunity to heal very old wounds.

Perhaps it is trauma from this lifetime, but even beyond our own personal experiences, we are being asked to process the generational, cultural, societal, economic and spiritual woundings of our entire species. Yea, it is that heavy – and now is the time.

We are not having our worlds turned upside down or being given time with ourselves for nothing, no – this is the opportunity of our era! We can be the ones who draw the line in the sand and say, “here is where war ends, here is where poverty ends, here is where inequality dies…”

Seeking Some Tenderness from the Oracles

After that short but potent Tarot spread, I felt the need for some grace and comfort so I turned to some of my favorite Oracle decks: Dragonfae and Kuan Yin. The first card pulled immediately informed the two reversed Tarot cards in the spread:

The Lovers (Oracle of the Dragonfae Deck)

This card’s energy is that of partnership and passion, of choosing what we desire to be “yoked” with. Informing both the Knight of Cups and the Star, I hear the Lovers echoing the sentiments of taking our time, going within and becoming cognizant of what we have partnered with in our lives.

Right now as we face an unprecedented health crisis in our nation and world, we are forced to see the healthcare inefficiencies that we have been yoked with. We can no longer ignore the evidence of our debt economy, that we have been yoked with. Not to mention the current political climate and the failings of the governments that we have been yoked with…

That is the power we have now, to finally see our partnerships and what it is our complacency and obedience have been contributing to. It is not fun. It can be completely demoralizing to realize you are a part of all the problems you are complaining about. Yet, it is this power to finally see clearly that will give us the ability to choose more carefully from here on out as well.

In this way, we are kind of being given a fresh slate – but only if we clear it for ourselves first.

Recieving a Seal of Grace

Shining Lotus (Kuan Yin Oracle Deck)

Finally, to encourage and inform the commission of our Three of Swords, Kuan Yin blesses us with the Oracle of the Shining Lotus. In eastern traditions it is common for the chakras, or energy centers, to be considered lotuses. Another name for the Crown chakra is actually “lotus of a thousand petals.”

This card is inviting us to connect with that most potent and pure center of love and truth within ourselves. She is asking us to remember our crown and to accept the responsibility of our spiritual birthright. We are here to give to the world, that which only we can.

A lotus is a beautiful sight to behold, but prior to blooming gracefully on the surface of the water, it must first make its way through the mires of mud below. This is our calling now, to push through these dire and muddy times, remembering that we are not the mud, we are the shining lotus!

So please, despite these dark times calling for deep work, do not dispare. We are being blessed yet again with life, and though is not for us to qualify, we do have the power to make meaning of our moments.

Aries New Moon 2020 Spread

I pray you all choose to make your moments evermore meaningful, your soul evermore searchable and your mind evermore expansive. Blessed be my beloveds, know that you are not alone, even in this most isolating time.


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