It’s been a full, productive day. I’ve wrapped up the majority of my weekly duties with a day to spare in order to focus on cleaning, organizing and packing tomorrow.

I’m headed to Boulder for the weekend for a mini tribal convergence and then I will be back Sunday to officially move! I have the convenience of continuing to work where I have been living, so I’ll be moving my minimally viable belongings with the knowledge that I can always bring more.

I will only be at my friend’s for 4 months before setting off to probably travel for the last half of 2020, so my art, winter clothes and other misc. stuff will remain stored at grandma’s until I do find my next long-term home. No sense in dragging it back and forth.

After finishing my work at home I headed over to my friend’s to help with the remodeling on the space I will soon be occupying. We got things cleaned up and taped off for texturizing, so now I am very dusty!

Paint is going up tomorrow and then it will just be the finishing touches. I’ll be at my boyfriend’s to start the week just to give my friend ample time and keep her from feeling rushed at all.

Things are all flowing together perfectly and I’m so grateful. When it comes down to it, I really do LOVE change and I am so looking forward to a new space, a new schedule and renewed vitality! It feels like a clean slate of sorts and for the first time in my life, I am fully aware of the inspiring things I want to fill it with.

For now though, BED. I am sooo tired…

Goodnight beloveds, Blessed Be!

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