after murder

Crows fly west
disappearing into cold mists

Into the abyss of heavy clouds
draping low over mountain tops

just visible

Something is dead
their body language repetitively clear

Scavengers on a mission to devour
greedily accepting nature’s waste


I dare not

Even the boldest
hold back when in genuine awe

How else can one witness unraveling
but to unravel a bit for themselves 

but I cannot

Repulsed by desire
at war with the vary saint within me

How else can one love so unabashedly
but to dissolve into sensations of Other


Can we
take this time

For love and not war
reclaim our lives for peace and prosperity?

If there is a “why not” I must ask why are we making it?
If we aren’t willing to take responsibility, it’s still on us

Will we
dare to create

Build the future 
not we, but our children’s children deserve

I know I am ready to do my best for the rest
and I hope that the rest will do their best too

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